The chip contains a multitude of frequencies and formulas and is

supposed to protect us against the power of the corona in another way.


It contains the most vital information and frequencies that the virus

- Isolate,

- Containing virus dispersion,

- Inhibit/prevent the development of viruses,

- Prevent virus recombination (mutation)

- Reduce the potency and lifetime of the virus and

- to prevent a virus infection.


His name is VIR-COR chip. It should not replace the already existing

sets, but only be a supplement to the already existing possibilities. Everybody should be able to afford the chip and therefore I offer it at a price of 10,00 €. You can wear it on your body (trouser- shirt pocket or in a safe wristband) and use it additionally for charging liquids (water) by simply

placing the container on the chip. The liquids recharge themselves within a few seconds with the information of the chip and can thus strengthen the body from the inside and support the defence against negative influences.

10,00 €
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