The akury Vagus-Nerve-Aktivator Tape



The vagus nerve is the longest brain nerve in our body. It connects the brain with many important organs of the body, including intestines, heart and lungs - and is associated with an explanation why many psychosomatic complaints affect the intestines (irritable bowel) and the heart (heart stumbling). The vagus nerve is an important part of the parasympathetic nervous system. This affects breathing, digestion and heart rate.

All these things can ultimately affect mental health. The tape, like the chip, contains formulas, frequencies and information that have a positive influence on the regulating mechanisms of the vagal tone. It is simply glued near the 1st cervical vertebra and lasts up to 5 days.


Please note:

We selected 'Pino' as our tape of choice and enhanced it with the consent of the company. The Pino tape is very well suited for our applications. Please do not affix the akury Sleep Well Tape to wounds, burns, mucous membranes or the mouth, nose or eyes. In rare cases skin irritations or allergic reactions may be triggered by the tape. If the user is prone to allergic reactions to plasters and tape, the akury Tape is to be affixed to the reverse side of the pillow case so as to avoid skin contact.

Tape Properties:

  • Versatile 
  • Withstands sporting activities
  • Extra-strong adhesive for durability
  • Revolutionary backing material made of lightweight rayon
  • Very water-resistant and quick-drying
  • Ideally suited for people with perspiration issues 
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • Latex-free
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