Bioenergetic Information Management

Imagine being able to manage your own power, energy and well-being? Sounds too good to be true, doesn‘t it? After all there are a multitude of internal and external influences which are beyond our control, aren‘t there? Heiko Wenner, building biologist, bioenergy expert and healer has spent a lifetime delving into this very topic. As part of his research he has dealt with vital energy, the transfer of energy and human beings‘s self-healing powers. His findings: everything is a vibration. Every vibration has its own specific frequency. If the energy is not in flow, disharmonious waves and blocks of the individual cells come about. These frequencies have to be newly in-FORM-ed. This realisation was the dawn of Bioenergetic Information Management, a method which in the meantime has adherents all over the world. Heiko Wenner develops akury Information Chips, which respond to the organism harmonising frequency in a gentle manner, dissolve blocks to support the energy flow. You can alleviate pain, dissolve fears, boost concentration, improve stamina and much more. It is a groundbreaking method for more joy in life and more energy.

This book seeks to demonstrate in a clear way: 
• how you can influence your vital energy in a simple way by yourself

• how you can protect yourself from energy robbers

• how you can support the organism‘s self-healing powers 

• why the future belongs to vibration medicine

• how you can use your very own Bioenergetic medicine cabinet

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