Energetic Harmonization of Electro-Smog

Improves Concentration, Performance & Cell Regeneration


The AkuRy Stick is designed to counteract the impacts of electro-smog (e-smog). The positiveeffects of using an AkuRy Stick include the strengthening of your power of concentration and performance, and an improvedregeneration of your body.



E-smog exists as a result of electromagnetic fields and radio waves such as those emitted by computers, wireless routers and wireless phones (DECT phones and cell phones).

Unprotected, these devices generate a ‘chaotic’ electronic frequency, comparable to the acoustic emission such as traffic or construction noise, or some other form of noise pollution.

Electronic noise stresses the human body. It can cause, for example, concentration problems, irritability and nervousness, muscle tension, headaches and malaise.

Even though humans may not consciously recognize ‘e-smog’, the human body itself may register a general change of sensitivity and temperature (resulting from the physical stimulation of the water molecules within our cells).

Electro-sensitive people especially react to even low radiation exposure and suffer with symptoms such as tingling, loss of energy, poor concentration and demands for increased water consumption.

The AkuRy Stick works as a filter against man-made electromagnetic fields and radio waves and can be comparable to a ‘noise filter’ that helps prevent traffic noise.



Transistors (integrated circuits) represent the essential components in microelectronics, communication technologies and computer systems. In USB-Sticks, integrated circuits form part of the Flash memory used for data storage.

Transistors mainly consist of Silicium (Silicon). Silicon is widely known for providing the essential element used in quartz clocks. Due to its 'semiconductor' characteristic, it's suitable for both information processing and storage. 'Energetically' silicon is also an important mediator.

With silicon as a common component, the AkuRy Stick can manipulate the electro-magnetic waves emitted from computer systems, therefore harmonizing the harmful waves energetically.


How to use the AkuRy Stick

Simply plug the AkuRy Stick into the USB-port of your computer or Mac. Nothing else is required; however you may use your AkuRy Stick for data storage purposes, or even as a 'protective' pendant if you wish.


Technical Data

The AkuRy Stick is partitioned into a usable area (partition 1) and an encrypted and hidden area (partition 2). It acts as a normal USB memory stick; however, its memory has been reduced by approximately 220 MB in total storage capacity.

The usable area is formatted with FAT32, and thereby compatible with most operating systems. You can re-format this area if necessary (even with the Mac OS Extended format).