AkuRy eProtect inclusive 5G

Use Modern Technology Safely

AkuRy GmbH has developed a chip that easily shields the body from the effects of electromagnetic fields.


Use the AkuRy eProtect for mobile phones and electronic equipment such as:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Computers
  • Radio and Crystal Clock


The AkuRy eProtect can be used for high-performance smart phones and devices that emit high levels of radiation such as:

  • Babyphones
  • iPhone
  • Communicator
  • DECT phone
  • Laptop
  • Wireless Router


Electronic equipment such as mobile phones and computers are essential devices in our daily lives. Yet throughout most of our day, we’re exposed to the high levels of electromagnetic radiation that they emit.


Our bodies rely on electromagnetic fields to ensure effective communication between our cells and the flow of vital energy. Every second, thousands of physiological, chemical and electronic processes take place in our body. These processes all keep our systems regulated and they help maintain our health.


When man-made electromagnetic frequencies come into contact with our own natural and highly-regulated biological processes, they disrupt our body’s balance and harmony. Our body is continually forced to regulate itself in order to re-establish balance using its constant stores of vital energy. This continuous disruption causes considerable stress on our body and can lead to abnormal regulatory conditions in humans, such as hypersensitivity or immune deficiency.

With the AkuRy Chip you can keep your body’s systems regulated.


Whenever you use a device which transmits electromagnetic signals, the AkuRy Chip resonates with the damaging ‘longitudinal’ waves to significantly neutralize and reduce the damage to our body‘s own regulatory system.


Research conducted by the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany shows that the use of an AkuRy Chip even stimulates the body‘s regulatory system despite exposure to such external influences.