The AkuRy Energy Card helps liberate vital energy that positively benefits all living things

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Water is in a constant state of vibration

Because the nuclei of atoms are in constant oscillation, water picks up not only the substances with which it comes into contact but also their electromagnetic oscillations, and it stores them. This fact is supported by the research of the Japanese water scientist Dr Masaru Emoto.


The information stored in the water is retained even when the foreign substance can no longer be positively detected. As with homoeopathy, the healing vibrational information of dissolved molecules is stored in 'water memory'. Because the ability of water memory is so efficient, this information can actually be used to purify water in energetic terms, removing all negative characteristics from foreign material before it can be used for drinking.


Raise the vibrational level of your food

Based on this principle, the AkuRy Energy Card re-energises water using information from originally 'pure'water molecules and it therefore helps revitalise it by re-establishing the true molecular arrangement of water.

The AkuRy Energy Card works similarly with food and other drinks too.

Try it out yourself. Food and drink that has been revitalised and energised by the AkuRy® Energy Card tastes much more tender and more flavoursome.


Amazing benefits every day

The AkuRy Energy Card looks quite similar to a cheque card. So that the card can be used daily over a long period of time, we use a strong and hard form of PVC as the base material.

The Energy Card is created using a unique method developed by AkuRy and so it does not lose its high-vibrational characteristics.



The AkuRy Energy Card is effective within a distance of 40cm. We can confirm that the Energy Card retains 100% of its power for many years after its purchase.


Easy to use

To energise food or a drink, simply place the AkuRy Energy Card under the food for about 3 minutes. Because the Energy Card works within an area of 80cm radius, you can also leave an Energy Card permanently in your refrigerator or food store cupboard.


The beneficial effects of the AkuRy Energy Card has been proven in tests.


Energy and vitality for your body

Because the human body comprises over 70% water, the AkuRy Energy Card has been shown to also enhance vital energy levels when you carry it with you.

According to tests conducted by the International Institute for Biophysics (run by Professor Popp) in Neuss, Germany, the AkuRy Energy Card beneficially acts as a powerful influence on our body's regulatory system.

The proof of its effectiveness was established using a regulation therapy device developed at IIB by Alexander Popp, Biophotonic International Institute of Biophysics (IIB), in Neuss, Germany.

In every single person tested at IIB, their regulation system opened up within 10 minutes of carrying an AkuRy Energy Card and their energy levels increased significantly.

The AkuRy Energy Card can also be carried in your handbag or wallet, and its effectiveness remains at 100% within a distance of up to 40cm.


We've tested the Akury Energy Card and we strongly recommend it:


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