Products and services for your wellbeing

AkuRy GmbH develops, manufactures and markets products that promote human wellbeing and minimise the harmful effects of external environmental factors.


Founded in Germany in 2007 the organisation draws on the extensive experience of the Baubiologie Wenner company that has offered consultation services for bioconstruction for more than 10 years. Other services available include land and building research concerning electrosmog and stresses caused by harmful substances and geopathic factors. These stresses can cause a loss of concentration and various other health issues.

"We don’t want to turn the clock back", says Heiko Wenner, one of AkuRy's founders. "Who wants to be without the convenience of electricity or to be without their mobile phone? Our goal is to keep the electromagnetic radiation caused by such things to a minimum and so improve the quality of life for us all. It’s our goal for everyone to be able to use modern technology safely."


AkuRy products function on the accepted principle of quantum physics that everything that exists oscillates or vibrates in its own characteristic manner. Vibrations form the basis upon which both mechanical and digital clocks function, in addition to computer chips which all exploit the crystal quartz’ powerful capacity to oscillate.


When geopathic interference, electrosmog or environmental factors affect the natural vibrations of living things and therefore create imbalance, the organism is constantly forced to use up vital energy stores in order to maintain self-regulation.


This is where AkuRy’s innovative products can help. Thanks to detailed research, we’ve succeeded in copying the natural oscillations of living things and storing them in a specially-designed medium. Based upon this principle, we provide products which greatly benefit those looking to attain good health and wellbeing.